Chai with Sai

A refreshing pit stop for tired surfers…

Why do I blog

Why did I start Blogging

Never have I felt the urge to wite a blog. Yes, I have been intrigued by blogging and the million possibilities that it creates for the blogger to venture into the world of internet and blogging. But never have I felt the urge to create and maintain a blog… not until today. Today, the 13th of November, 2008, I have officially launched my first blog spot,


Now… if you are looking for some life altering story that turned me towards blogging… 🙂  there is is definately none. As a matter of fact, writing has never been my forte, or so I believed. I have always been a good listener, a person who has the patience to sit with someone and hear to what ever they have to say. But I never thought of my self as much as a writer. I have not tried even to put my writings in a personal diary. How did such a person pull himself to start wrting on the internet where anyone can view and comment? I guess this is one such question where one can never find the answer. I just donot know why I started blogging.


Why do I continue to Blog

Why do I continue to Blog… Now this is a question that I can definately answer.


1. Writing these articles has somehow brought a sense of satisfaction. I am able to put across my views to everyone who wants to listen and get their thoughts on those topics. 

2. I am able to interact with people with similar interests like mine irrespective of whether they share my opinion on the topic or not. 

3. I am able to gather different angles on a particular topic, which definately helps me as well as the readers of my blog.

4. I take time to do ample research on a topic before I write, which means I am able to study and understand a lot on a variety of topics.

5. I am able to allocate time for myself each day, something I was never able to do during the days before I started blogging.


Why “Chai with Sai”


Chai with Sai – Lets see…. we have many  ‘Coffee with’ shows, and a few ‘Coffee with’ web sites too, but aren’t there anyone to have ‘Chai with’?. Think about it, a refreshing cup of Chai (Tea) on a raining evening… what more can anyone ask for? (of course some pakkoras will definitely go good with it 🙂 ).


So, this is what this blog is going to be… a refreshing pit stop to all those tired surfers. A page where I would share my knowledge, experiences, beliefs, thoughts, dilemmas… in all, My Life!!!


This is a beginning of not just a blog, a whole new experience.


Welcome to my blog people… Let’s have a Cup of Chai!!!


2 Responses to “Why do I blog”

  1. Guru prakash said

    Hey Sai,

    I noticed your response to a blog (link below)

    I understand that you are looking for English version of Heidi, do let me know if you have had any success in your search. My wife loved it when she saw it on Cartoon network, would love to surprise her with the DVD for her birthday.


  2. saipradeep said

    Hi Guru… havent had much luck myself… i just got to download all the episodes from You tube but it is not in English. But it is still fun to watch. You can run a search in You tube.


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