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I want a Super hero…

Posted by Saipradeep on December 16, 2014

I want to rewind today… I want today to go away… I want the children killed to come back… I want the Taliban to go away…

I want a SUPER HERO… Superman… Ironman… Batman… Spiderman… Some man… to wipe those unthinkable, unworthy creatures of the face of this earth…

I want a SUPER HERO….  Superman… Ironman… Batman… Spiderman… Some man… a MAN…   a HU-MAN…

I wish we can rewind today… I want a Super hero





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Can even God Save Pakistan?

Posted by Saipradeep on March 4, 2009

Surprisingly, I was not shocked when I heard that the Srilankan cricket team was under terrorist attack last morning. Don’t take me wrong, I was definitely concerned over the well being of those cricketers but somehow, did not feel shocked when I heard the turn of events. What more can you expect in a country that by all means has literally gone to dogs. A country that promoted terrorism as a way of life is now being bitten by its own snake. It is being torn to pieces by a devil that it groomed. Indeed it is true… “What goes around, comes around…”

Today, they are at the edge beyond which there is no path for return. For a fact, many believe that they have already crossed the point of no return. They are now forced to eat the rotten fruits of a tree they sowed years ago. This incident will give those who sit in Pakistan and still claim that they have nothing to do with terrorism, a rude jolt. I just hope that they swallow their pride, look at what is in their backyard and clean the mess that is stinking beyond tolerable limits.

I pray for the souls of the brave and innocent people who lost their lives in this crossfire. May their souls rest in peace!!!


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When Mumbai fell…. again…

Posted by Saipradeep on November 28, 2008



 Mumbai has fallen again. It has fallen at the feet of an enemy whom we all know but can never see. Yes, we cannot see because we are blind. We have chosen to be blind rather than face the obvious. We have closed our eyes and turned our backs against reality.

Human mind chooses to believe what is best for it. We believed that we were safe even when the world around us was burning. When planes were crashing into towers. When men and women were blowing themselves just to take a few more with them. We believed that we were safe in our homes, in our neighborhood, in our country and closed our eyes to what was obvious. What is obvious is that the world is no longer the same. Our country is no longer the same. It is not what it was in the yesteryears. Gone are days when we could just forget where we were and walk for hours without worrying about losing cell phone network coverage. Gone is the innocence, which was bliss to behold. Today, we are scared to even send our children to the neighborhood shop. We are scared to walk alone in the night not at the fear of darkness, but because of what is hidden behind that darkness. Read the rest of this entry »

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