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Dostana – Movie Review

Posted by Saipradeep on November 26, 2008



Finally, a week after I watched Dostana, I have taken time off…. just a few minutes though, to complete the review I promised.

Dostana is a Karan Johar & Hiru Yash Johar production and is directed by Tarun Mansukhani. The movie stars Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham and Priyankar Chopra. Bobby Deol plays a cameo in the movie. There are few others in the likes of Shilpa Shetty who comes in for an item number, Kiron Kher as Abhskek’s mother and Boman Irani as Priyanka’s Boss who have also added their share of fun to this movie.

In short, Dostana is the story of two guys, Kunal (John), Sameer (Abhishek) and a girl, Neha (Priyanka) and their life as room mates and best friends. Kunal and Sameer are kicked out of their respective apartments and try to share a new apartment owned by Neha by posing themselves as gays. The movie follows the usual formula where the both guys (Sameer & Kunal) fall in love with the same girl (Neha), but girl falls in love with another guy (Abhimanyu – Bobby Deol) and so they try to break girl’s love but end up realizing their mistake and help her get the guy she loves. This story line is packed with variety hilarious situations that arise due to Sameer and Kunal posing as gays. All in all, the movie is a comedy track and one should expect nothing more.

Of course the film does have its downsides like when Neha says she thinks whether her parents (who are dead) would approve of her action before doing anything like allowing two hot guys share an apartment with her as room mates. What I do not understand is that if her parents would not allow that, would they be accommodative of her boozing out late nights with two gays, dressing skimpily before two hot guys, cozying out with them and et all. There is also another case where the director has assumed that guys if gay would act feminine and I am remotely unsure where he got this idea from. Watching Abhishek and John acting feminine is funny but many times repulsive.

However there are indeed scenes that tickle you out of your skin, like the one where “M”, Neha’s boss presumably gay, played by Boman Irani visits her apartment for dinner and also to meet her two gay room mates. This scene gets spiced up with comedy when Sameer’s mom, played by Kiron Kher comes from London to check if her son is actually gay and finds him dancing with three other guys confirming her fears. There is also another scene where Sameer and Kunal, jealous of Abhimanyu’s relation with Neha make him do things like waxing his chest by lying to him that Neha loves men this way. Again this is followed by a series of comical confusions which leads to Neha believe that her best friends are also interested in the man she loves. The reaction she receives behind her back from both Sameer and Kunal when confronted with this accusation is worth watching. To top all of this, the movie climaxes with John and Abhishek kissing each other because Bobby insist that this is the only thing that will earn them his forgiveness. Well, this might bring a shiver or a shudder down your spine depending on how you take it, a few might even find it a little over doze. For me, it was revolting yet comical.

This movie is one of a kind simply because it oozes male sexuality from John and Abhishek that fills the entire screen play, even when Bikini clad Priyanka walks across the screen. Female audience would have their share of treat when John reveals his awesome physique which also includes a bonus of his butt cheeks. The surprising part is that Abhishek, who does not even loosen one button from his shirt, matches frame by frame to John’s sexual appeal.

On the whole this is one entertaining movie that you can definitely stand to watch, thanks to John, Abhishek and Priyanka. However, I doubt if there would be any repeat audience to this movie as it does not contain the usual flair of Karan Johar films. 

My rating for this movie would be 4 on 10.

P.S. – The website of this movie is definitely unique and so here is the link – .



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