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Srilanka – The land lost to War

Posted by Saipradeep on June 18, 2011

Two sects of people, two languages, one land, thousands of weaponry, many brutal wars, millions of lives. This is what Srilanka was for the past 25 years.

Well, let me break it down even further. To me, the entire case boils down as a War of Languages. Oh no, I am not trying to degrade anything here. Neither am I trying to belittle the sacrifices made by the millions. But yet, I can think of it as nothing but the War of Languages…

How else can you define it? One sect oppressing another just because they speak a language different from theirs, and the suppressed sect in turn retaliated. Hell breaks loose… result… rapes, murders and massacres. Trace it back 25 years and it all gets down to this fact. Someone spoke a different language… War of Languages…

I still do not understand how a tool for communication became a cause of massive destruction. I started questioning myself… Isn’t language just a tool for communication? Can I not survive if I don’t have the ability to speak, read or write a language or for a matter of fact any language on the face of earth. Is  it so precious that lives of fellow human beings cannot be valued against it? Is it that important?… and then it dawned upon me… it was not just a War of Languages… It was a War of Egos. Few egos had to be fed in at both ends and so millions were sacrificed in the altar. A few egos… just a few… and millions had to lose their lives. Along with it 25 precious years gone.

A generation has been lost. A generation that has not seen peace. A generation that does not know what is peace. A generation that knows nothing but fear. Born in trenches, lived in bunkers, died in shallow graves.

War brings nothing but misery. It brings Nothing. well it brings loss… loss of loved ones, loss of dear ones. Moms lost their children. Fathers their sleep. Children were orphaned. Elders left helpless. Everyone lost someone. The survivors are left with nothing but scars. Everyone has a scar, in their body as well as their hearts. The dead would be forgotten by everyone but their loved ones. They will live just itched in the memories. Memories of the faces that were lost. Nothing else to remember. Nothing else to relate.

I too feel the loss…When I think of Srilanka… I can feel nothing but pain and loss.  Just to let you know…  I have never been to Srilanka, I have never been in the war field, I never saw the dead but yet I feel I have lost somethings… Many things…

Let me say this one more time…

Two sects of people, two languages, one land, thousands of weaponry, many brutal wars, millions of lives. This is what Srilanka was for the past 25 years. Well… am I right in saying “was”? Only time can answer that question…


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