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Indian POLITICAL League, the New “IPL”

Posted by Saipradeep on June 15, 2011

Oh No… please don’t think that I am talking about the cricket IPL. This article is in no way connected to that arena. I am writing about a completely different ball game, the one where there are many teams and many key players. A game that has no rules. Teams can combine together to bring down another team in one season. The same teams can become rivals and partner other teams in the next season. Key players can jump teams change their role and do what ever they want. They may become the best player or the worst dud. There are no holds to bar. You need no qualifications. well probably just one… you need to know to count (for the money and the bars as well). Yes, I m talking about the Indian POLITICAL league… the new “IPL” which seems to outbid and outrun everything.

On one side we have “families” that have looted a state possibly the country too for decades, on another side parties and “Kalmadis” who seem to milk every paisa possible from every possible venue and on the third side are sanyasis and Gandhians whom seem to go on fast for anything and everything. In the center of this “Bermuda triangle” is our “Aam aadhmi” unable to decide if he has to vote for a free tv or a free laptop or free rice bags. Poor being… in his plight for survival, his choices are restricted to the gifts he receives rather than the so-called leaders themselves. And yes there is a fourth side too… the Press who seem to worry more on circulations and TRP rather than the actual issue itself.

India is a land of diversity… Poverty and suicides at one end, black money and swiss accounts at the other end, This is possibly the only country which faces such extreme challenges. Jails and police stations have become guest houses and rest houses. The newly renovated Taj stands no chance in front of “Tihar” for the portfolio of the ones who are stationed here for the past few weeks is so rich and versatile…

Where are we headed?
What is the reason?
Why is this happening?
How is going to be different?

Few of the many questions that may never be answered…

Change is the only inevitable thing in Nature… but would this change bring anything new?


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