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A year has gone by… A new one has come by

Posted by Saipradeep on December 30, 2010

A year has gone by…

It has been a fantastic year. A year filled with incredible components of Love, fun, action, changes, sorrow, joy, experiments and many more. The best of all is that 2010 has been a positive year.

Positive in many ways and many may not agree. Moved out a good pay, comfort zone career into a lesser pay, experimentative one. Moved out a low-cost home into a high cost duplex. Moved from a Wagon R to Figo. Moved from my navigator shirts to Muti brands. Moved from low-cost kadim shoes to Lee Cooper. Movements throughout the year. Challenging yet positive moves for better life and lifestyle. Sitting back and thinking about the ride this year, I can only smile and say “WoW, thank you Lord”.

Looking forward for 2011. We had tagged last year as the year of Health, Wealth and happiness. 2011 is the year of “Pipes and Lines”. Pipes for our income sources and Lines are the relationships. This year, we are sure would bring in joy and success for all and take us to the next level of our Dreams!!!

Cheers to all and a Happy New Year!!!

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