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Aayirathil Oruvan – Movie Review

Posted by Saipradeep on January 27, 2010

This is one of the best movies I have watched in recent times and I was completely impressed by the way Director Selvaraghavan had come up with the entire movie. Yes, the movie has its own flaws. and Yes, you can draw similarities to a few Hollywood movies. But, can there ever be a flawless movie? It is quite difficult to find a movie that is unique in its identity. Directors around the world will be inspired by blockbuster movies and screenplays. Mirroring inspirations is not a crime.

The cast, Reema Sen steals the entire movie making Andria and Karthi play second fiddle to her. Has the tamil film industry wasted a talent? She blows the audience away through her glamour and arrogance in the movie. Be it her flirty scenes with Karthi or the standoffs with Parthiban, she occupies our mind, frame by frame. Great job Reema!!! Karthi does takes us on through his acting and dialogue delivery. Many times, it makes you think if Paruthi veeran has come back to the screen. One cannot blame him if he sounds and emotes like Surya. Lets remember, they share the same genes! Surprisingly Andria has a much lesser role to play. She just comes in as a sad archeologist searching for her father. The role has not given her enough space to act. A probable reason for her to sing a few songs in the movie. Coming to the songs, quite a number of songs were missing in the movie. I guess they had to eliminate them to save time.

The research work that has gone behind the scenes should be given due credit. Be it the Natarajar shadow or the Tamil dialect, it can be seen that they have done their homework. The dialect is pretty difficult for many to follow and a subtitle could have done the trick. This could have been the reason why many seem to say that movie was quite fascinating in the first half and strays off in the second. However Tamil buffs like me would definitely have a good time listening to the Cholas and Pandiyas!!! It doesnt happen every other day…

Some may feel that the movie was very violent, but like I told my friends, “what would you expect when two kingdoms clash… a game of chess or what???”

It somehow makes you feel that the movie ends all of a sudden that that you are left hanging midway with a lot of unanswered questions. When you are expecting something dramatic to happen, the movie ends.  A normal viewer may not be satisfied as he would have not got answers to his questions. However it is understandable as to why they would not be able to give a proper closing. It would have been politically difficult to state which of the two kingdoms prevailed.

On the whole, I had enjoyed the movie thoroughly and would love to have another sitting. The movie is still flashing in front of my eyes!!!

PS… Watched the movie with my wife at a much improved Kamala Theatre in Vadapalani, Chennai. They still switch off the AC during the show, but the seats and snacks seem to be better than before.


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