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Back Atlast!

Posted by Saipradeep on August 10, 2009

After a long break, I am back into writing. Well for no apparent reason, my blogging went to a standstill. I too did not do a lot of introspection for the reason, until recently when my wife as to why I had QUIT blogging… It was then did I sit back and think. Did I quit blogging? The obvious answer was No. Then why? It is then I realized that my cycle of interest runs that way. When I pick up a new toy, it goes on pretty fast until I discover something newer. I keep the old toy away and start with the new one until something else replaces that. But this is no toy that I had dropped. It was a part of my life, a place where I could share all that I felt about me, my life. A place where I could share what I felt about the people I come across and how they impacted me. This was ME… How could I have abandoned me? and so I am back again into the blogging circuit…

I am promising myself that I would write at least twice a week. Topics no bar, contents no bar… it would all about things as I see t hem. My perspectives and my perceptions!!!

I am glad that I am taking this decision for I am sure that this would be yet another jolly ride in my Life…


One Response to “Back Atlast!”

  1. Priya said

    Read with interset ,your blog on “Isha Yoga”.Im hoping (hoping because of the many times I tried to take this up, some issue always intervenes) to take up the
    course in chromepet this october.Wouldnt be able to complete the last 2 days ( as my return trip is that day)Im practicing “sudharshan kriya” for the past 3 months.But Im more attracted towards ISha yoga.Im hoping I would be able to complete the course ,practise and also experiance what it promises.
    Thanks for your posts

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