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Back Atlast!

Posted by Saipradeep on August 10, 2009

After a long break, I am back into writing. Well for no apparent reason, my blogging went to a standstill. I too did not do a lot of introspection for the reason, until recently when my wife as to why I had QUIT blogging… It was then did I sit back and think. Did I quit blogging? The obvious answer was No. Then why? It is then I realized that my cycle of interest runs that way. When I pick up a new toy, it goes on pretty fast until I discover something newer. I keep the old toy away and start with the new one until something else replaces that. But this is no toy that I had dropped. It was a part of my life, a place where I could share all that I felt about me, my life. A place where I could share what I felt about the people I come across and how they impacted me. This was ME… How could I have abandoned me? and so I am back again into the blogging circuit…

I am promising myself that I would write at least twice a week. Topics no bar, contents no bar… it would all about things as I see t hem. My perspectives and my perceptions!!!

I am glad that I am taking this decision for I am sure that this would be yet another jolly ride in my Life…


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