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Good Bye Jade…

Posted by Saipradeep on March 23, 2009

I am from India and honestly knew nothing about Big Brother or Jade Goody until her racism row with Shilpa Shetty. At that point of time I think I hated her for her racist comments. Today, I write this tribute to the same woman, I write this with a heavy heart, a heart filled with pain. I do not know Jade Goody personally, I have not met her or for a fact even been close to the country where she lived, but it feels like I have lost someone close to heart. It feels like someone who you have known all your life has gone away. I think that is the charisma that Jade carried. In spite of all her flaws in her professional and personal life, she has ended up touching many lives. She has won the hearts of many; many of them are like me, people who have just read her story.

My prayers are with Jade’s family.

Jackiey (Jade’s mom), you gave us an angel to look up to. Words cannot express how you feel, for to rise a child and to see it die is the hardest thing in life. Fate has been cruel to you and I hope you see joy in being a part of your grandchildren’s lives.

Freddie & Bobby (Jade’s sons), nothing that I say could lessen the pain you feel today. As time goes on, the pain will ease, but always remember your mother, for she will be the shining star you find in the sky looking over you all your life…

Jack (Jade’s husband), you had a choice when Jade was diagnosed with Cancer and you chose to be with her till the end. We are proud of you for that. You are a brave man and a lovely human being.


You have touched many lives in the past few months through your brave fight. You have always been a star… even when you fell; you went like a falling star blazing away across the sky…

You have been a part of our lives in the past few months and will continue to be a part of our memories in the years to come.

Good bye Jade… Rest in Peace!!!



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