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My experiment with Isha Yoga

Posted by Saipradeep on February 26, 2009

Yoga, this mystic word seems to simply spell bound every individual who wants to do something about his mind and body. I am no different. I have been having the urge to take this up as a quest for better attainment for many months now. In my search for the best road, I came across many, few of which were as weak as a Chennai road which erodes away in one downpour. There were also a few which seem to be as high as the mighty Himalayas, demanding not just time and effort, but also a lot of determination and guts to reach the peak. They all had a lot of glamour, but not the radiance I was looking for. Then, I came across a path, a path in which many seemed to have travelled and reached the places they wished to go. I hoped that this would lead me to my goal. I had heard about it many a times, but never gave it a second thought until I saw the man behind the show on Televison program. His answers to the questions on life and spiritualism seem to be simple at the outset, but it carried so much inner meaning. It is this simplicity that was giving power to the mysteries it held. It seemed to have a charm that enticed the onlooker into its realm. That day, I decided to learn Isha Yoga and understand the teachings of the Sadguru. Since I am calling this as my quest in the world of Yoga, I have chosen to call this post as my experiment rather than my experience.

Once I made this decision, I started hearing about it from all corners. There seem to be a huge community around me which was dormant right before my eyes and erupted in full throttle when I made my decision. Friends, colleagues, newspapers, posters where ever I turned, I saw Isha Yoga. I visited their website and learnt about the various types of sessions they hold and made my mind to join in their foundation course in Inner Engineering (Isha Yoga). After a couple of deliberations, I enrolled myself yesterday, 25th of Feb 2009, into a session in West Mambalam, Chennai. After the first session, I understood that this is not just about physical exercises but also learning’s that can help one in self realization and inner peace. At times, I was amazed to see that things so minute in magnitude have much higher meaning behind them. I was enthralled by their concepts and teachings which were so basic in nature yet enormous in their significance.

With all this said, I do have to confess about a few blemishes that I noted. Somehow I was not impressed by the delivery mode they followed. I am not writing about what they speak because, like I told, their concepts are enlightening, however how they speak and how long they speak seem to impact you. The speeches seem to take away 60 to 70% of the time spent in the session, something that is pretty difficult to take. If I am in for speeches; all I need to do is buy CDs that are inline with these concepts. What I was actually in there for was a more practical approach which seems to have been missing. It is also hard to understand why they have to take the 3 hour long sessions without a single break. There were a lot of old people who were squirming in their seats, unable to sit on the floor for such long period of time. Beyond all this, one thing that further hit my mind was the track the speeches took. They seem to ooze out negativity making you feel as if one is living in a world filled with nothing but filth. I am sure that is not what people expected to hear when flocked to these classes. Yes, this world is filled with evil things. Yes, this world is filled with negativity, but that is why I am here. I am here to listen and learn positive things about this world and not to reinforce my belief that the world is bad. I was also taken aback, by the tone of the trainer at times. Though she was soft spoken in most parts of the speeches, there were times I felt that we were being mocked for our ignorance on concepts. I am sure that it was not her intention but I think, it is a by product of having a preset mind on the knowledge levels of the participants coupled with the years and months she had spent taking similar sessions across various places.

Though I was a little disappointed because of the above mentioned reasons, I am elated to be a part of Isha Yoga and am looking forward to go these classes simply because it is opening a new window of learning and understanding of life. I am still enticed by the offering of knowledge that lies for a take away at the end of these seven days.

I am writing more on these sessions in the days to come, not to preach people but to share my experience in my experiment with Isha Yoga. These will be day by day accounts of these sessions and it is available at the following Blog.

Click here for “Day by Day account of Isha Yoga Program”.


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  1. Guest said

    Thanks for the info on Isha yoga. I am planning to attend one of ISHA seminars in the USA and trying to find feedback by those who have already done it. I’ve heard about confidentiality agreements, etc. that everybody is required to sign beforehand, so I wanted to know what was that special about the whole thing and why it should be a secret.
    Did you complete the whole thing?

  2. saipradeep said

    Yes I did and it is a great program to be a part off. I am planning to take up the higher levels with ISHA in the coming months.

    All the best for your classes.

  3. Jeyapal said

    One of the reason for the agreement is to earn money. Will they classes to poors without asking money?

  4. Nag said

    The name of the game is money… Notice the fee collected here for all such course. All these sadhus who claim to be enlighted do facial, wear designer clothes and give speeches in English to cream of the society who can be minted money. In a world of 6 billion population, some 1 billion live in abject poverty, if at all these institutions and sadhus were targetting welfare of humanity they would approach these 1 billion population who need the most to find peace so that they can cope with life struggles.

  5. Mr. Jeypal, thank you very much for your comments. But i guess everyone is entitled to make an opinion. Kindly check your facts before making a statement. I am currently working with Isha on the Rural rejuvenation project on ground and i cannot express myself as to how the project and Sadhguru’s message is empowering the rural people. This is no ordinary vision and work. It takes something else to think and execute. This is all done free of cost. So, i do not really have a problem even if they charge, because it is finally ending with the people.

  6. suresh said

    Hi All,

    Please don’t behind somebody who sits in the foot hills and mountains. How a saint or hermit who sits on hill can understand a common man’s problem?. There are enormous people around us in the globe don’t have surity about their next day food.

    It is highly idiotic. Nobody can give solutions to you except god. Please pray to your god and have faith on humanity. It will lead you to a pleasent life. Isha or Art of living programs are like Ayurvedic massages. Once you started with those things, it will never leave you.

    why can’t he run this program with the free of cost? Practical things are very diffent in common man’s life. It is always eassy to advise the people by sitting in comfort level. Yoga is an excersie. Anyone who got training in it can teach yoga. No need a hermit or monk to teach yoga.
    Yoga is good science. Please don’t belive in all illusions. Life is based on love and love only. No agents needed between you and god.

  7. saipradeep said


    First… sorry for posting all your comments so late…

    Getting back to the contents. I have not edited any of your comments under the thought that every one is entitled to their fair share of thoughts. But i am also a strong believer that every one has it in them to decide what their calling in life is. If they feel comfortable to be associate themselves with hermits and monks, so be it as it is their choice. If you are at the other end of the spectrum who does not like such association, so be it and dont associate yourself. Neither of thwo has the capacity to judge whether the decision taken by the other person is right or wrong. So let us live our lives to the fullest, in our terms and in our way!!!

  8. Asif said

    Hi Guys,

    I have also attended Inner engineering program held in Chennai arnd a years back, it has got basic yoga postures , But the meditation part is the important one and exercise is just a preparatory one.
    And same techniques can be found in yoga books and OSHO teachings, we should be least interested who is the inventor, everybody is copying from patanjali which is the root of yoga.
    So my stand just get the teachings and implement for a trial period and if you get benefited then do it till the time you need that benefit either ISHA, OSHO ,Art of Living …anything.
    and also we can be part of social activities conducted by this org, since it is not possible for us to stand alone and help others , just we can associate with this guys and try to do a change in society, But remember never ..ever …be disciple or follower or sanyasin of this organization, you never know what’s happening in this org behind the screen, remember no one is perfect in this world….

  9. bhuvana said

    Mr Sai pradeep,
    Thank u for posting about your experience in the isha program. now after a year have u improved in your spiritual journey? are u doing those asanas and mudras regulary? Can u please tell what benifit u have obtained by the program? i will take your reply into account whether to join the program. did u join the advanced programs? please reply. u can also send me a mail about the above questions.

  10. bhuvana said

    how much did u paid for the program?

  11. shanker said

    I feel sorry for all those people who are being taken for a ride by these ‘spiritual’ quacks. As long as there are people who EXPECT MIRACLES TO MAKE THEM HAPPY these parasites will keep sucking them dry.
    The real art of living is to understand your needs and use your ‘own’ intelligence. SIMPLE LIVING is the key to all the world’s problems. This can be applied to one’s personal life as well. NOBODY has attained ANY DEGREE OF ENLIGHTENMENT from all these fancy programmes. They have only ended up feeling MORE EPENDANT ON GURUS and parroting useless words and phrases and mantrams / mantras.

  12. Asif said

    Bhuvana they charged me 900Rs for 7day course, in which they teach you 7 steps and all are from basic yoga(nothing new) with slight modification in last 2 steps…compared to what taught ..fee is huge…but i do recommend this course since all good things available should be taken up after deciding thru our intellect, But never ever become volunteer or follower…just take the teaching and forget the teacher…which i follow….because teacher should not expect payback….this is just my hard feelings…

  13. bhuvana said

    Thank u Asif for your comments. I will remember them. I have read many books about yoga not from Isha but from Divine life society. U may know Sivananda, krishnananda who lived as yogis and had maha samadhi. yoga is not a joke and it cannot , infact should not be practiced without learning the techniques from a Guru. i completely agree with u a teacher should not expect payback. but it is hard to get a sincere(u know what i mean) gurus these days.all those yogis keep saying again and again dont do asanas, bandhas, mudras without a right guru. i have no intention to be volunteer or sanyasin under any circumstances but yoga will be my life. Sambavi mudra will lead us to mind concentration and it helps a lot in meditation which is the ultimate way for samadhi. so all the 8 limbs of yoga by pathanjali are very important. i will take the course in june. if u are really intrested in yogs i will give u links some intresting free online books which are extremely good and u will have a very different outlook of life, world and the purpose of your birth. Thanks again.

  14. Asif said

    Shankar ,I second you, no such things as ENLIGHTENMENT attained, If a normal person working hard to uplift himself and his family and society as well facing every day problem…from purchase of grocery for home to paying income tax and still is happy and helping others ..hurts no one..he is enlighten person..not this swami’s who are out of day-today problems and giving sweet lectures, some lectures are good if we follow but that doesn’t mean we should follow the guy…..i tell you one thing most of this guys are just re-producing from OSHO books….read some of OSHO books you will know urself…..i am not against anyone, But please for god sake use your intellect and dont have herd instinct…..what is happening to the minds of people who have followed and become sanyasi of nithyananda for 4 , 5 yrs …they are all been cheated and henceforth those guys wont have trust on anyone….that should not be the case with us….”Man is a Man with his own limitations , No one is Exception”..This are my thoughts…anyone against it…can pour in your own…but nothing to hurt anyone…..

  15. Asif said

    Hi Bhuvana,
    I do interested in yoga and other self help related process…pls send me the links and the stuffs you mean…
    if you are from chennai and want good yoga classes , i have done yoga classes in vivekanada kendra in triplicane, they charge very cheap…2yrs back i paid 225Rs only…21days class…all major yoga postures are covered inclusing pranayamam, bhastrika, kapalabathi…except bhandas….
    also you can go thru below mentioned link , who conducts free yoga for 1 month from morning by sivananda disciples…
    currently i am going thru dynamic meditation of OSHO…its awesome….

  16. Kalpana said

    I joined dis 7 day program cos it was near my place…I attended the first day class..but seriously peple u knw he said some stuff about Asai and all that…which I truly tried to concentrate but dint understand..cos it was continuous blah blah blah…So there I am …decided to close my ear and learn only de Yoga.Neways for this I should have joined a cheaper and genuine Yoga class…wish I had seen this post earlier…..only one advice…dunt volunter and close your ears just do the Yoga

  17. bhuvana said

    thanks Asif.I live in singapore. My parents are in chennai. i will meet them in june. at that time i will check out the yoga class u said. i am basically intrested in techniques that help for meditation.please let me know more about the OSHO u are reading. is it a website or something? check out he following website and read this small book. if u are intrested let me know and i will send u much more detailed books.

  18. bhuvana said

    Asif u need acrobat reader to read this book

  19. Asif said

    Thanks Bhuvana, I will go thru that book…looks promising
    You can get details about OSHO, his books and discourses in below websites

    And this link has got some good stuffs on spiritual growth(nothing religious, but more of self improvement)
    especially books by Ramatirtha, whose books i was searching for, excellent piece of work…
    I came to know about him in discourses by Swami Parthasarathy(Vedanta institute) last week in chennai.

  20. Asif said

    Hi Bhuvana,
    One more thing is when you got to know about OSHO, you will find details like he is fraud, sex guru, had more rolls royce cars etc etc….
    As i said earlier no one is perfect….this is the only guy in mystic gang told everyone NOT TO FOLLOW HIM, IF FOLLOWED NO GAIN….IF WHAT I(OSHO) SAY LOOKS RUBBISH THROW IT AND IF IT’S GOOD ,GET THE TEACHING AND THROW ME….Purchase any one of his books will find it yourself….

  21. bhuvana said

    Asif,I completely agree. Actually following somebody cannot be insisted by any person. if we agree with what a person says its just agreement. But to follow u must have been acutely inspired by what that person says and it may not happen immedietely for anybody. mostly we put them in our unconcious mind and carry on with our life. but in times of need we remember them and try to activate it. it is very complex. just being instantly following somebody for any other reason like because others are doing or hoping to get any benifit , personal gain etc, it wont work.

    i will buy his book and read. hope u like what i sent u earlier. feel free to tell your comments about your book.

  22. Sujay said

    Interesting conversation between Asif and Bhuvana. My experience with spirituality is that till you find your right Guru, you will not be fully satisfied with other people you find as gurus along the way (Even though he may be the best guru for someone else). So, OSHO may be the kind of Guru you were looking for, but for me Sadhguru is my Guru (i cant explain why intellectually, but i know this for a fact somehow). And I am sure, you will know when you meet your true guru too. To Bhuvana, Please do not go by anyone else’s opinion on these matters. Experience it for yourself and decide, as everyone experiences this differently based on their own journey in life

    Just a couple of counter points to clarify:
    Sadguru also does not ask you to follow him. If you are open and willing, you may follow him or not. Choice is yours.
    In Isha, volunteering is not thrust upon you. Volunteering is something you do out of your own will. So if you are willing you can do it. Else no one forces you to do it. Thats the best part. And when I do volunteer, I learn a huge lot more than what i did by merely attending the class (always!). its just amazing and my practices also move to the next level (deeper) everytime i volunteer- Its unexplainable and amazing.

  23. Sujay said

    On Asif’s March 4 post a few clarifications. I used to feel exactly the same way about some of these spiritual people (they just give you theory and dont know the day to day travails we go through). But my experience with Isha and henceforth with other gurus (not through direct contact but through other means), shows that they do know what they are talking about (maybe not all of them, but the real ones do know. Sadguru himself has gone through 25 years of life like most of us and knows exactly what problem you are going through. When you ask a question to him in some of the Satsangs, you will see what i mean- he will hit at the core of the issue and try to remove that fundamental issue that you are facing (U may not always like what he says, as that may hurt your ego, but think in an unbiased way and you will know that is the only truth!)

    2ndly. You mentioned that we should try one yoga, experiment for sometime. If it benfits, continue, else leave it. While that looks like a good approach, but in yoga, it doesnt work that way. It took me more than a year of dedicated sadhana to see some results (there were many other benefits along the way interms of health, but the true effect of the Mudra could be seen after more than 1 year of practice. This duration may vary depending on the individual that you are and hence we cannot know how long you need to experiment. That is why the Guru becomes so critical.

  24. AnandGuru said

    Yoga was created thousands of years ago by Patangali as has been noted many time above. These are all ELITIST groups that CHARGE extravagant fees in the name of Yoga (or Union with Universe ~ Uni=one and Verse=song but we live in a multi-verse ~ String Theory)
    Yoga in itself is wonderful ~ actually Isha “yoga” is simply a “hijacked” version of Osho’s ideas and at least he admitted to having/enjoying NICE CARS, WOMEN and MONEY. He had a Rolls Royce (a fleet) and was not afraid to admit it. This sadguru guy has the same ~ would he let the more than a billion people come for free to his clinics? WHY NOT HELP INDIA WHERE A BILLION ARE SUFFERING? First off… in the West we have the internet and other facilities to advance our Yogic studies. Mountains are to be climbed by oneself ~ not by taking the 1,000 dollar ski lift to the summit

  25. AnandGuru said

    @ Sandeep ~ Check your facts sir ~ YOU GOT it FREE ~ not everyone is allowed free of charge unless they are going to write a BLOG ABOUT ITS BENEFITS. Period. I know this foundation in and out ~ Pandit Ravi Shankar (the sitar player) and many others laugh at it (they are my teachers) Truth is in EACH ONE OF US

  26. hi.
    That tips are great, thank you ..
    I love your blog…
    thank you again carry on…

  27. MoHaN said

    Hi all,First of all I think this thread is still being monitored… I had gone through each and every comment with utmost care and view of the writer. I really would love to share my experience so that some of the misunderstandings and views of a certain set of individuals would be altered. I am really going to write a big reply (in fact a blog by itself), so sorry for taking up your time without your permission, but believe me its for your (by the word “your”, I simply mean, the “SOUL” which is being carried inside your body) well being. You would taste and face life with happiness even if you complete at least one program, not necessary you should be following, you just need to attend with full dedication and heart. Your life takes off for a bright and happier world.

    First of all I totally agree with all of you. I am able to agree because I had been part of the Inner Engineering program quite a few months ago. That was a time where pressure was playing havoc in my life (personal and public) and also my career. This course was being conducted in the premises of the organization I am working for and we had both morning and evening sessions. Being a staunch believer that anything good to one’s mind and soul has to be performed right in the morning, I enrolled myself for the morning batch. One big point I would want to stress here is that I really loved the way they had presented themselves and also the discipline they enforce and follow. I just really love it.ok ok, I am coming back to the point….

    Isha does not ask any individual to join them, they just tell the participants of the activities undertaken by the ISHA Foundation.

    Isha does not force people to attend programs, they just tell that a program is being conducted and the fees for the program is this much.

    Isha does not try making money from the people, they just use the programs as a source of funding for their social welfare projects.

    Isha does not sell, they just display and the volunteers are all the more happy to explain things in detail as much as they know to the queries raised.

    Isha does help people.

    Isha does help people, I should rather say Isha guide people to get relieved of their stress.

    Isha does help people, in exploring one’s inner self.

    Isha does help people, in explaining all the bad things we do in life, though unintentionally.

    Isha does help people, to act to a situation, not react. (this is really an indirect benefit we get)

    Isha does help people, in understanding nature.

    Isha does help NATURE, by its social programs.

    I reiterate once again, though I have made so much statements about the programs and the organization, I am in no way related to ISHA Foundation except that I was a humble participant in one of their inner engineering programs.

    All the above are my own views and experience.

  28. Bharani said

    Bhuvana,to know more about OSHO chk this site out. You will have both audio’s and E-books. To say about OSHO he is more than a sadhu a REBEL.!

  29. Bharani said

    Bhuvana,to know more about OSHO chk this site out. You will have both audio’s and E-books. To say about OSHO he is more than a sadhu a REBEL.!

  30. Jay said

    They collect fee, but all other places charge more money than this. I’m not bothered about what Saravana bhavan owner does, we go there for the food… if you look that way Isha yoga is better than most of the so called Yoga centers.

    I know of one place in chennai where they only talk in terms of USD per course….

    I wish Isha yoga be like united ways of USA when it comes to accounting…. guess it might be tough with all those land rovers they use !!

  31. sindhu said


  32. Bhuvana said

    Thanks for all the website address and thanks for the advice. I did the inner engineering course, and practicing for the past 7 months without a single day gap and i dare to tell the whole world that EVERY HUMAN BEING SHOULD DO IT FOR THEIR WELL BEING AND SO TO THE SOCIETY.

  33. Suma said

    Well Said Mohan

    Bhuvana – Hope after the Inner engineering… understand the above opinions about Yoga is highly individualistic.
    On your experience what you feel is the true one.
    I have done ISHA Yoga programs in 2002 & practicing reguarly. Myself & my family members have seen marvellous changes in LIFE. It is a different dimension & helps us in enormous ways.
    Infact one our family friend who was a complete Drunkard few years back has totally stopped drinking & grown at a level of meditativeness that cannot be explained through words bcoz of ISHA CLASS.
    Thats the kind of Classes they conduct.

  34. Vijay said

    Hi All

    Agree with Suma. Its true

  35. Not Biased said


    Beyond all this, one thing that further hit my mind was the track the speeches took. They seem to ooze out negativity making you feel as if one is living in a world filled with nothing but filth. I am sure that is not what people expected to hear when flocked to these classes. Yes, this world is filled with evil things. Yes, this world is filled with negativity, but that is why I am here. I am here to listen and learn positive things about this world and not to reinforce my belief that the world is bad.

    I guess, it is a trap that is used. If they take the approach in a positive way..I will join…but they cannot. 🙂

  36. Antony Raj said

    Dear friends,
    I am not a isha follower but i have some friends who used to follow isha, the used to tell things which ihsa told them, i used to search the same thing in internet, and sometimes surprised without one word different i could find them in some forum which is told by a common man, before 4 oo 5 years, i think isha use Google effectively.

  37. Where do we have center of Isha in Chennai, where I can take the inner enginnering course? I was going through Sivananda yoga in Thiruvanmayur, they teach basic postures along with breathing techniques. I want to enroll into basic yoga courses, but trying to find which is good to start.

  38. Asif said

    Hi Palaniappan,
    you can find Isha centers in below link
    more over Sadhguru himself takes Isha yoga class on March 25 to 27 at Panchiayappa college in chennai, fees range from 1500,3000,5000,8000.
    If you want basic yoga course then best is Satyam yoga which is branch of Bihar school of yoga founded by sivananda, it’s 30days course totally free, i have done and it’s excellent,you can get details in link

  39. Asif said

    What ever yoga class you attend it’s all more or less same, some slight modification only, everything is from hatha yoga and breathing techniques, so nothing like one is better than other, try to learn everything and follow which one suits you best, More than what the institutes teaches , it is how regular you practice that matters .

  40. saru said

    dear friends,
    i have read a lot of your comments and i some how have the feeling that the ones critisising are the one afraid to analyze the true you… either way people have their own understanding and likes,which i would not want to comment on.. how ever i have been a follower of isha for the past 8yrs and i think one of the best decisions i made was to become a part of isha..

    i will not say i have gained enlightenment or seen miracles in my life…. the practises have simply made me to be happy as an individual and defnitely a better human being,…. and i had seen a lot of talks about the fee collected for each class, but the money is only being used in return for a lot of projects in rural areas..i don understand y ppl are all focusing on the fee and trying to find fault.. there are so many good things like the green hands project, we as individuals do not take the effort to plant a single tree to make this world better, but in isha they have already planted crores of trees…. atleast if we are not supporting the cause,we can do a small favour by not critisising…

    Wake up people…. there are hundreds of politicians ruining india,saving money for themselves and their families,they are literally ruining india explicitly right in front of our eyes….y not blog on them and bring in a change in the political state of our country… it wud be much better and i think a lot of ppl will not be lead to misconceptions about isha…

    my final word would be that, I would recommend every individual to just visit isha once and get to know their works and projects…. do not go with the hope of experiencing or seeing miracles in front of u.. its jus a place of self realisation.. get to know yourself and this world will be a much better place for you and those around you…

  41. Palaniappan said

    Well said Asif, practice and regularity / consistency is important for yoga.

  42. Chair said

    The following is the Indian Express report as appearing on October 12, 1997 about Police registering a case of murder by Jaggi Vasudev:

    Coimbatore, Oct, 11: Close on the heels of scandals relating to fake godmen getting exposed, yet another ashram from Coimbatore is in the limelight with Jaggi Vasudev aliash Jagadeesh of Isha Yoga ashram at Poondi near Coimbatore, being charged with the murder of his wife Viji alias Vijayakumari.
    A team of police personnel recently visited the premises of Isha Ashram at poondi and interrogated the inmates of the ashram. Godman Jaggi is away in the US.
    According to police, T. S. Ganganna of Bangalore (father of Viji) had preferred a complaint with the Bangalore Police suspecting foul play in the death of his daughter Viji. The complaintant had stated that his daughter left him last on June 15, 1996. He reportedly received a message on January 23, 1997, from Jaggi Vasudev, stating that Viji was no more.
    Ganganna said that Jaggi Vasudev had hurriedly completed the cremation on Jan.24 even before they could rush from Bangalore, raising suspicion about the nature of death. He suspected death due to poisoning or strangulation.
    According to him, Jaggi Vasudev could have caused the death of Viji to facilitate his illicit relationship with yet another inmate of the ashram. Based on the complaint of Ganganna to the Bangalore City Police on Aug. 12, a case was registered.
    The Bangalore City Police transferred it to the Coimbatore Rural Police.
    The Coimbatore Rural Police have registered a case against Jaggi Vasudev under Section 302 of IPC (murder) and IPC 201 (suppression of evidence).
    Later. Isa Yoga Foundatrion has denied reports that Jaggi Vasudev had fled to USA to avoid investigation of ashram. Authorised Signatory of Ashram Kiran stated that Guruji had gone for giving lectures . ENS

  43. Chair said

    Please see attached link and read the beginning posts.

  44. Suma said

    Whatever it is..the real meaning of yoga is TO UNITE…..
    If that kind of experience is happening then it is fine……
    Only thing is…it should not end with just physical & mental comfort…it is beyond the limitations….

  45. Aishwarya said

    Hi 🙂 I just read the first few comments… and I have to say:
    1. The beginners fees are high because they dont want people to come unless they are COMMITTED to it. Unfortunately, people are interested in coming only if they have paid exhorbitant fees.. as you know, the program is taught step by step and missing even one class means, you wont understand the next class.
    If you see, as the classes are higher… shunya meditation, BSP etc.. as you go higher, the fee reduces.. because by that time, you have already shown commitment to Isha by doing the previous courses.

    2. the gurus are common men, so they understand the worries of the common man 🙂 if they taught you to “let go” and other things intended for the sanyasis.. how will you live in the world? So, they teach a nice middle way which works for us 🙂

  46. raja said

    Hai Asif Asif Asif Asif Asif Asif Asif Asif

    i teach some lession for you, first you know about yoga

    yoga = asana(hatayoga)+ (meditation)breathing

    yoga discovered before 40000 years at north indian(himalaya) then spreated to all india and all country,
    many years before more persions learned yoga bhutha,baba,patanjali..etc…….

    But you said everthign from patajali yoga…….

    Guru patanjali munivar not make any new yoga, he just re-ordered and arranged from old yoga, because today totally corrected 80000 yoga and uncorrected 3 lacks yoga

    now days all the GURUS(include osho) followed by patanjalli yoga but patanjali ordered more yoga.
    when i start the yoga class my master say the detail…….

    but one thing we have qualified to take yoga from patanjali yoga,
    who have a qulified then take particular yoga from patanjali. now days all the spirtual master will take and research then finally will introduced particular yoga,because every yoga more powerfull,but i am and Asif and others not have qulified to learned from patanjali yoga, so we will learn to modern gurus (baba, osho, vivekananda ,art of living, ragavendra , isha…etc….),you choose correct master and do.

    i come to the point
    first dont say wrong news to others, first you learn fully,

  47. Hi friends,

    Glad to read u r views. I would like to share my views.

    Usually we perceive that all the subjects related to spirituality is some what similar. It is quite natural because IT IS THE TRUTH from the very beginning. So be it Patahjali or Buddha or Jesus or Osho or Sadhguru all their teachings looks same, as truth they realized is one. Only Lies can be in different forms. So It is not copying of the teachings on one by the other.

    A guru is very different from a saint, sadhu, rishi etc. He has the technology and he chooses the mode of delivery according to the need and mental status of the society He lives in. For eg. if we were born a 100 yrs back we will never believe in so simple a device as a Mobile phone can be used to contact a person on the other side of the earth. So a guru of that age use appropriate technology.

    If your inner being is unaffected by the outer world whether you drive a Rolls Royce or a modern Jet it doesn’t matter to the really enlightened soul. Ramana maharishi had only a piece of loin cloth on him and Osho rode on Rolls Royce. For eg. Laptop or mobile is a useful tool to us. But if we feel superior to others by flashing them in a public place or in travel then we are a fool. Because on the next stop if a person with very sleek gadget starts using it before us we may feel diminished. same is with our attire, language style etc.

    Money we splurge on buying a dress or eating in a hotel or giving a party or going out together is much higher percent of our income. Why aren’t we donating it to poor every month regularly. some may do once in a birthday of marriage day etc. Spending it to learn a new game like Yoga is really an adventure.

    Many people who criticize yoga really are afraid deep in their heart that they have to give up their most cherished things/comforts. Simply they beat around the bush. Only if u have attained a certain stage of maturity or come across certain hard time in your life (eg. love for youth, job, loss, extreme boredom ) i.e if u have crossed the boundary only then u realize the futility of life and be receptive of yoga. for people in between the safety boundary it will look utter waste. No hard feelings plz.

    Anybody can slander any one these days. So hear the hearsay, have the courage to meet the person like Sadhguru in person in any one of the meetings and hear his views. Then u pass u r judgement. Happy yoga to all.

  48. Abinaya Retnam said

    Honestly speaking I didn’t have belief in Yoga techniques bcoz I had a thought that many masters are frauds. I haven’t met Sadhguru, but while studying my engg in coimbatore I ‘ve been to his ashram in Veliangiri. It was really wonderful and a peaceful place too. Beyond that ppl there live with the nature. My mom joined the 7 days yoga class in our home town and I saw my mom become my more active and she has reduced weight also.. seeing her I joined in the class on june 2009. after attending the class i started changing.. i began to realise myself.. I used to practice it twice a day and I became mentally and physically fit.. I don wanna comment or say anythin abt Sadhguru. But I respect him b’coz he has enlightened my inner mind… I ve donated for go green proj…

    Live healthy with joy and prosperity.

  49. gayathri devi said

    well said mohan and suma..

    isha yoga makes us realise who we are and it really makes us respect people around us even if they are bad. unlike few said, it does not makes us feel that we are living in an evil world but it gives the feel that nobody in this world is evil person and every one have their own godness within them. really i started respecting each and every small creature around me..this is the great feel i achieved after attending isha yoga class beyond my attainment of physical and mental strength. thanks to sadhguru for that. Volunteering is a great thing in isha. like yoga class there are many punctual things in volunteering.

    Hi asif..
    kindly do not critisize anything before experiencing the real feel of it. yes there are few flaws in it but many things which makes us realise the value of life and the value of each and every living and non living things in this world. no one can be cen percent perfect but we can take the good essence in that.isha yoga programs are not to analyse things but to feel and realise it which gives u a great ever sadhguru may be,he makes us realise the greatness within us.i respect him for this goodness. if we have the feel that the money we pay goes to development of this environment and people we will not critisize them.

  50. Last month on 25 Nov,2011, I visited Coimbatore for a Official work and visited the Ashram.
    Sitting inside Shivalinga temple was a very good experience. Understanding Meditation is a very difficult task but also a very simple one.
    Just sitting silently and hearing the voice of Abhisheka,s milk pouring in downtank was very much unique and giving true feeling of being dissolve in natural sound.
    My regards to all

    Ashok Saxena- Escorts Faridabad, Haryana

  51. Sankar said

    I have gone through all the comments. What I feel, we have to feel good in life, then all our problems
    will go away. Our feel good factor totally depends on our mind, our thought pattern. Unless we change
    our negative belief system we can not spiritually improve. First neg. belief is that I consider
    myself as a body, not soul. This is the root cause of our suffering. Nobody can help you in this
    regards. No guru, nobody.It is our inner journey. By regular practice and constant prayer to God we
    can clean our mind. Once mind is clean we can visualize soul and God. By attending Yoga classes, by
    dancing, by all these external stimulus very little we can achive unless we do our internal journey
    ourselves. Regular pray to God with tearful eyes. He will give you wisdom and guidance. We go here
    and there but forget GOd who only can rescue us from this devilish world.

  52. Praveen Kumar said

    “Complete whole thing” and more similar thoughts… Impatient person posting his opinion… Not every teacher can relate to u… U need to learn to do everything… U never knew the minute reasons behind all of what is been done… If u consider yoga as excercise then pay for it do it and go live a normal life again, dont write ur stupid views on the internet…

    This person did not go with open mind, he went to experiment… basically he did not unlearn before he wanted to learn something… He is a full cup which wont be usefull.. So are ur thoughts…

    Ur purpose is very pathetic. u want a clean vision but u will close ur eyes… how pathetic u r…

  53. giridharan said

    sorry all of u guys,you guys r talking like blindely becuase of some misbehaviuors and mishappenings happened in the name of yoga and spirituality, ISHA is the true way to get inside yoga and they are working forward for to make realiize people there innerway of blissfullness,All things there mohan said is true. every one needs a live GURU not a passed one osho they wrote books,videos are of no use they cannot give u a good spiritual process in u.all we need is a live enlightened live guru, ENLIGHTENED PERSONS ARE RARE BEFORE SADHGURU RAMAKRISHNA PARAMAHAMSAR was an enlightened being no one else osho is not a enlightened person he just a good person budha,patanjali,agasthiyar are enlightened being in that way present sahdguru jaggi vasudev is an enlightened being.

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