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TN-07-AL-4777 – Movie Review

Posted by Saipradeep on February 24, 2009





I have not seen Taxi no. 9211 and so this review would not hold any comparisons drawn between the original and the remake. TN-07-AL-4777 is the remake version of Taxi no. 9211 in Tamil.


Pasupathy, Simran, Ajmal and Meenaskshi are the main cast in the movie with Vijay Antony hitting the music scores and Laxmikanthan, the director. My wife and I went to this movie simply because we are huge fans, me of Pasupathy and my wife of Simran. The movie did not disappoint us in terms of entertainment in any ways.


This is a very short thriller running for about two hours but you would not realize this until you walk out of the theatre and look into your watch. This movie is about the sequence of events that happen in a day when the lives of two individuals’ coming from completely different walks of the society seem to cross paths. Laxmikanthan has successfully kept the audience glued to the screens in every possible scene with the right mixture of cast and performance. The back ground music has assisted the scenes adequately and one can’t stop tapping their feet for the fast numbers. In all, a good movie to watch as it is off the track of conventional love and hero worshipping stories.


The movie has its obvious negatives but they don’t seem to catch the eye unless you are very keen to harp on them. For instance, there are hardly any taxis in Chennai that look like what they show in this movie. Taxis with their number painted on the roof are far from reality in Chennai. There was also one instance relating to continuity of costume. When Pasupathy rushes to stop Simran from boarding a bus, he seems to have his shirt not tucked in as he leaves his home, but when he reaches the bus stand, he has tucked his shirt in all neat. One can also not believe that his light colored shirt does not get squeezed or dirty even after him spending the night in jail and lying down on the floor.


Simran as always has played her role admirably. Meenakshi and Ajmal could have worked a little more on their expressions but I am sure they would improve as they do more films. Pasupathy as usual has fitted into the bill accurately and once again has proved that he is a masterful actor.


Overall, it is a very different movie to watch and I am sure you will enjoy your journey in this taxi.





One Response to “TN-07-AL-4777 – Movie Review”

  1. raj said

    Changing Lanes -> Taxi no. 9211 –> TN-07-AL-4777

    Changing Lanes (2002)

    An attorney in a rush to make a court appointment to file legal papers involving a multi-million dollar trust accidentally collides with an alcoholic insurance salesman, who also is a rush for a court appointment involving the custody of his children. The attorney leaves the scene of the accident and strands the salesman, causing him to miss his custody hearing. During the process of the post-crash discussion, the attorney accidentally drops the papers he needs to present in court. The judge gives him until the end of the day to present the papers and thus begins a cat and mouse game between the proponents. A few questionable actions later on both parties’ part, they finally start questioning their actions and their lives. In the end, both come to new understanding of what is important and appear to be set in new ethical and moral directions. Contains mild violence and profanity.

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