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Jade Goody.. a battle with Cervical Cancer

Posted by Saipradeep on February 19, 2009




I am sure most of us would remember Jade Goody from Big Brother when she had the racial row with Shipa Shetty. That was the first time I heard about her. After a few days of eventful readings about the issue, I had completely forgotten about her existence. Until two weeks ago, I did not even give her a moment, but now after reading the articles about her, she does not seem to go out of my thoughts and I inadvertently seem to pray for this brave girl every time I read a post about her.

Yes, Jade Goody is facing her death, a death caused by the latest threat to the women community, Cervical Cancer. Jade at the age of 27 was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer last August and has been fighting since then. She is the mother of two tiny tots aged five and four. She has been desperately fighting a losing battle trying to gain as much as time to be with her sons. I believe she realized that her options were limited and so this decided to do as much as possible to make the future of her kids financially secure. She decided to do a documentary on her illness and her fight against it. To avoid any pain for her kids, she has told them that she has tadpoles in her tummy. Last week after months of chemotherapy, the doctors concluded that the cancer has spread beyond operable limits and that Jade has only months if not weeks to live. With such limited time on her hands, Jade has decided to do as much as possible and is now like the ambassador against cervical cancer. Her life now has created what is called the Jade effect, making all women who had been ignoring symptoms of this deadly disease take up tests for diagnosis. The Sun Magazine is now launching Jade’s Legacy – a campaign to raise awareness on cervical cancel and to reduce the age limit for screening for women in England from 25 to 20. I read that for many women, Jade’s story had saved their lives. On a personal level, Jade is getting married to her boyfriend Jack aged 21 this Sunday (22nd Feb 2009). Jack proposed to Jade last week near Thames in London. Jade is too weak to walk and has been moved to her home upon her request in a wheel chair and ambulance but she has vowed to walk down the aisle for her wedding which she wants to happen in a Church rather than the hospital chapel. The brave girl said, “I am going to die in this hospital, so I don’t want to get married here. But wherever we tie the knot, I’m determined to walk down that aisle. I’ve lost my balance and the doctors aren’t sure if it’s a sign that the cancer has spread to the brain or if it’s just weakness. But I’m hoping I will have the strength to walk on my big day. It would be so cruel to be robbed of that one last thing as well.”

Jade’s wants her life to be an eye opener for women and she wants as much as women to screen for this deadly disease so that they can have an early diagnosis. She says “Don’t ignore the symptoms I had. If you’re not happy with the first diagnosis, see someone else. Don’t leave it too late.”

For people who followed Big Brother, would know her as a bubbly funny girl who was not strong in her geography, but for many of us, she will forever be remembered for her brave battle with cervical cancer and her desperate attempts to ensure the financial security of her kids.

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2 Responses to “Jade Goody.. a battle with Cervical Cancer”

  1. despite her personal flaws, it is tragic that Goody passed on at such a young age, and on Mother’s day

  2. saipradeep said

    very true…. it is indeed sad to see any life taken away so shortly. But, even when she fell, she fell like a falling star.

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