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Naan Kadavul – Movie Review

Posted by Saipradeep on February 18, 2009



 Naan Kadavul, I watched this movie with my friends at Satyam Cinemas in Chennai. My wife declined joining us as she was scared by her friends that it was a “GORI” (scary) movie. I am really glad that she did not come with us, not because I got to spend some time with my friends but for the disappointment this movie was. It definitely did not look like the fruits of three years of hard work. The first message I sent her just 15 mins into the movie was “I am glad that you did not come”. The movie would have passed through as a documentary in Doordarshan if only it did not have the song sequences and the hero fighting the villain scenes. This movie is a double documentary, one on the Agories of Kasi and the other on the life of beggars in a village in Tamil Nadu.

Coming to the cast and the way they have played their parts, one must give it away to Arya. Arya scares you with his eyes, his walk, his voice and in the way he carries himself and says “Aham Bramasmi”.  I am probably exaggerating because I have not see an actual Agory but, you cannot take away any credits from him for the risks he has taken for this movie. Right from taking time off for three years to jumping from a huge rock onto the shoulders of the villain and walking with just a loin cloth across the river, Arya mesmerizes the audience with his presence. Pooja too has played her part as the blind girl pretty well, but some how she does not gather pity from the audience like the way Vikram did in “Kasi”. Murugan the group leader of the beggars has taken the next step in his career and has moved on from just being a sidekick of Vadivelu. I hope to see a lot more of him in movies to come. Thandavan, the villain seems to look and sound cruel, but is not as gruesome as expected. I guess Bala has tried to portray how a real life villain would be. You can never expect to see a villain like Nambiyar or MR Radha in real life. It is also evident that Bala has worked his butt out to get the beggars play their roles. Your heart wrenches when you see their handicaps and their plight in the movie but it all vanishes the moment he starts displaying the lighter side of their life. The humor and sarcasm of the beggars are must watch scenes.  Background score by Ilayaraja is again mesmarising but at times reminds you of his “How to Name it” Album. Even so, Raja is Raja… his eternal music captivates you in entirety.

 With all said, when you take this movie as a composite factor, it is difficult not to see the flaws that float before your eyes. Simple things like the play back singing for Pooja could have been given a little more care. Every time she sings a song (songs of the yester years), the voice that comes out is of the original score with all original background instruments intact. It is as though she is giving lip sync to some radio playing in the background. I am not too sure as to how Bala who usually wants to showcase life as it is, missed these things out. Even the jingle Pooja holds in her hands during her introduction song in the train does not match what is in the background score. Be it the court scene or the police station scene it is hard to believe an accused would be treated this royally. Topping it would be the scene where Police take Arya into custody, only to stand as guards for him in his cave and to hold his clothes when he is taking a bath in the river.

Bala’s other movies puts forward stories of individuals, story of their life, their path and their end with some social problem in the backdrop. In Naan Kadavul, Bala has tried to show case a social problem as the frontline story and has tried portraying this to the audience along with the lives of two individuals. I believe that this is where he has lost his plot, for he has not given anything for the audience to chew upon. By showcasing a social problem, he has raised the interest of the audience, but has dropped them mid air by not giving any solutions to it. He has shifted the frontal theme of the movie from the social problem of beggars to the life of an Agory at the end of the movie, thus leaving the audience total disarray. Any movie that I could remember of that had a social problem as its central theme, ends with the director giving a solution. Bala in his deliberate attempt not to do so has not only lost his crowd, but also his crown. 

Naan Kadavul is indeed a new brand movie; the problem is that the packaging is not done very well which has resulted in spoiling both the product and the brand.


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