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My Baby’s Day Out…

Posted by Saipradeep on February 18, 2009

It was the 12th of February 2009, exactly nine months after she came into our lives, Manya, our little princess, had her ear pierced and head shaved as per family customs. For eyes to behold, our little angel did look like a princess, all dressed up in her paavadai and chattai (skirt and top in Tamil), glittering mottai (shaved head in Tamil) and beautiful studs in her ears. The entire event took about five hours starting from the moment we left home, until all guests finished lunch at Saravana Bhavan, but the build up towards this day started close months ago. 

Initially phases of this planning included a lot of confusion as to when to conduct this event.  A few said that it had to be done before Manya was a year old, a few said that they would do it after her first birthday. Then came the issue of whether to do it in an odd month count or even month count. We finally decided to do it in her 9th month, keeping in mind that she had to grow enough hair to pose for her first year birthday bash :). The decision on the venue was pretty easy. Since I had always wanted to do it in a Murugan temple, the obvious choice in Chennai was Vadapalani Temple. After deciding the venue we once again hit a spot where we had to decide the mode of ear piercing. There were two types; Manual and Gun shot, and as always, all people we knew were evenly split in this. We then checked with various jewelry shops and they all pushed for Gun shot and so we opted for the same. We picked up her dress at RMKV, T. Nagar and a couple of Gold studs from Prince Jewelry T. Nagar.  Following this was playing the role of the hosts and inviting the dear and near ones. We had invited our parents, our siblings and our closest friends. We had initially planned to have it on the 8th of Feb as it was a Sunday, but it turned out to be “thai poosam” a festival conducted at Murugan temples for which lakhs of people are expected to participate. Since we felt the crowd would be unbearable, we moved our event to the 12th.

One the day, we had invited all for breakfast at home, but only a few were able to turn up. We left home by 9 Am and reached the temple in 10 mins max. My brother had already purchased the required tickets and so the next stop was at the head shave counter.

Mahesh, a good friend of mine played the role of her thaai maaman (maternal uncle in Tamil). As per customs, these rituals have to be performed in the lap of the maternal uncle, and since Sudha and I chose to have only our first families and friends around, Mahesh became the choice.

Sudha, though a brave girl could not stand to see Manya cry, and so she stayed out of the room. Mahesh took a firm grip of Manya and the head shave was done in less than ten mins. By then Manya had cried her heart out, mostly out of fear as to why we are holding her so tight rather that what was actually happening to her. She was given a quick bath and loads of sandal paste was applied to her head to avoid the burning sensation. We then made her wear her paavaadai chattai. After a few minutes, she had settled down and had cozied down to a sleep in her mom’s lap. We were not going to let her off that easily 🙂 The next stop was piercing the ear and the person in charge was all ready with his gun and studs. The varisai thattu rituals were done and after me garlanding Mahesh, she was once again into his strong grips. The gun shot took less than a second and she did not cry in pain thanks to the ointment which we applied to act as a local anesthesia in her ear lobes.

End result, a little princess in pavaadai chattai. She looked adorable in her new studs and as cute as ever.

We all then had a good lunch at Saravana Bhavan and we reached home at about 2:30 PM.

List of Guests from our friends gang include Venkat, his wife Kumudha, Bala, his wife Viji, Rajaram, his mother, Ragavan, Harini, Nancy, her hubby Vinod, Angai, her husband, Greesh, Kala, Satya, Saras and Deepika

The day was very enjoyable and we were glad that each of them who attended felt the same way. It turned out to be a great get together and we cherished every moment.

Few Quick pointers for parents looking out for suggestions…

a. Gun shot is definitely good. It did not cause any pain to our baby and she did not feel the pinch even after the anesthesia wearing off. I am not too sure if I can compare it with Manual because we have not tried it out however gun shot seems to give good results. The gun shot guy himself will have the stud to use however please check with him before hand if you have to buy or if he can provide

b. Please ensure that you apply local anesthesia to the ear lobes. It will reduce the instant pain that the baby will feel when the shot is fired.

c. When you are going to shave your baby’s head, ensure that the guy who does that is experienced. Ask him about his experience, there is no harm.

d. Take a new blade along with you and if he is okay, you can even give him a new knife to hold the blade. It is always safe to use new things.

I hope these tips help you in having a pleasant day like ours. We enjoyed our day. I am sure Manya enjoyed her day out too…


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