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Townbus – Hotel Review

Posted by Saipradeep on December 9, 2008

Townbus, a hotel located in Kodambakkam Highroad, Chennai, known for its exterior looks and interior decor. This hotel is designed to look like a Transport Coporation Bus not just from the outside, but also from the inside. The seats inside along with the hand holders from the ceiling are a accurate replica of models available in the latest MTC buses. They also have cane chairs hanging from the ceiling in one part of the A/C retaurant which is in the first floor. These chairs are slightly uncomfortable when you are dining, nevertheless would serve as a new experience. The people who serve food are also dressed to look like conductors in khaki uniform.

On quality and quantity of food, well, the latter was kind of ok, however the former was not upto my expectation. They serve a variety of dishes from South Indian to North Indian They also serve Indian Chinese however it is definately not their strong point. They also serve icecreams and juices. My wife had ordered a Tomato soup, something she has to have at all restaurants we visit. She found that it was quite better when compared to few other places. We followed it up with French fries and I think that is were things started going wrong. It looked like the chef had exausted the quota of French fries for the day and so had chop up half boiled potatoes to fry them and serve them as French fries. They were awfully brown colored and tasted like charred potatoes. I had ordered a Town Bus Special Dosa, which was one of the specialities, but it was served rather cold and the sambar that accompanied was also chill. The Onion uttappam ordered by my wife also was not to the mark. I still took the risk of ordering a Veg Noodles and again I was proved wrong. I could not have more than a mouthful. The quantity too was kind of less. Propably cost cutting ?? 🙂

Coming to the pricing of the food, the price in the menu at the A/C hall initially looked reasonable when compared to many other hotels I have visited, however, the quality of food should be the deciding factor as to whether this pricing is reasonable. In this case, it looks like they are a little overpriced for their quality.

Overall, the hotel looks and feels good, however the food quality should definately improve for them to have more regular customers rather than curious visitors who just want to check out their interiors.

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