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Mothers or Monsters???

Posted by Saipradeep on December 5, 2008

Yesterday, I was reading “The Sun” and I came across a few articles that were very disturbing in nature. They seem to shatter the foundation of a belief that has been in existence from the creation of this World. A belief that is taken as the greatness of life. I am talking about Motherhood and the inherent love it brings to the child.

Most of us believe that Mothers are created in this earth because God cannot be with everyone all the time. Most of us believe that Motherhood is the purest form of love that one can receive. But the articles I read yesterday had a fling at the pillars of these beliefs. Made me wonder as to what has happened to this world and where has this so called compassion and love for people gone.

The articles are stories that horrific to the core. So horrific that I would like to clearly warn you. If you are faint hearted, please do not go ahead. These articles are stories on the lives of two small children, Shannon and Baby P, children from different families and different ages, but with similar stories of life. A life that was truly cursed. 

Shannon one of the seven children of Karen Matthews, was abducted from her way back from school early this February (2008) and what followed was a nationwide hunt for the missing girl. All across the country people where praying and hoping that this girl would be found alive and safe. Karen Matthews pleaded to through television for the safe return of her daughter. 24 days later, Shannon was found, alive, cooped up in the house of Michael Donovan, just about a mile from her home in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. Donovan was the uncle of Craig Meehan, the man who was seeing Karen Matthews. Three weeks later, police arrested Karen alleging that she was involved in the abduction of her daughter with the help of Donovan. Police have raised other claims that Shannon had been drugged by her mother so that she would not need much of attention for about 20 months and also that Donovan had kept her at his housed drugged and tethered under a bed. Both accused were convicted of their crime yesterday, the 4th December 2008 by the jury at Leeds Crown Court and are awaiting substantial jail sentencing. The Police are terming this monster of a mother as “Pure Evil” and they found Shannon just in the nick of time before she was killed. Karen’s mother herself has accused her daughter as a “Worst Mom Ever”. Her siblings in all have distanced themselves from her stating that they are ashamed that she is their own flesh and blood. If you are just wondering for the reason behind this cohort plan… here it is… it is for the reward money that would be raised for the person who finds Shannon. It was for the £50,000 reward The Sun had announced for finding Shannon.

Locking up her own child, drugging her, abducting her, neglecting her. Karen seems to have done everything that one normally does not associate with a mother. Well… she has done almost everything, almost, because there is one person who can beat her feat. The evil mother of Baby P.

Baby P was 17 months old, when he died. He died on August 2007, not because of any illness but because of the torture he had undergone in the hands of his mother, her boyfriend and their co lodger, Jason Owen. (Baby P, his mother and her boyfriend cannot be named as there is a trial going on.) Social workers found that his mom neglected him just when he was about 3 weeks old. He was first taken to the hospital for an injury when he was 7 months old. From then on, Baby P had been to hospitals and care centers of Haringey council for about 60 times, for about 50 different injuries in 17 months of his torrid living. The shocker of the news is that nobody, nobody from the hospitals or care centers or even the doctor who last checked him two days prior to his death saw the torture that this child went through. This doctor had reported that the child was “cranky” and did not do a complete check up. Baby P, at that time had 8 broken ribs and a broken back and was paralyzed below waist.  They all had many opportunities to see and save this poor child, but it is hard to believe that they did not spot even one. Not one from his 60 visits.

Tears rolled down my cheeks when I saw the pictures of this beautiful child. He was an adorable baby in the picture, with blonde hair and a captivating smile. Smile!!! the child braved to give the best to his photos, in spite of the numerous bruises and swellings across his face and body, in spite of his finger tips being cut off, in spite of having his finder nails pulled off, in spite of having being punched on the face that he swallowed his milk teeth, in spite of being lifted off the floor by the neck or the ears, in spite of having his mother, her boyfriend and the other lodger, inflicting him with nothing but pain and cruelty, in spite of having a life that was filled with nothing less than torture. He lived for 17 months and he looks like he died each day.

Now, a year after his death, a war is being waged by the entire society against the monster who was his mother, her boyfriend and the co lodger, against the Haringey Council which had careless and reckless social workers who failed to save Baby P from his miserable life. This is the same council that failed to save another child, Victoria Climbie who died eight years ago due to the cruelty she faced from her aunt. Believe it or not, none of the social workers of this council, right from their head of children’s services have been held responsible for this mishap. They all but for the doctor who missed the broken back diagnosis have just been suspended with full pay. The doctor though has been terminated and has had her license to practice cancelled.

Motherhood is seen in par with Divinity. There are mothers who would give their life for their child. There are mothers who would do anything in this world to protect their babies from the horrors of this world. But there are mothers like these, monsters indeed who that live in the depths of insanity, scathing this earth with their existence. When there are thousands of couples who would give their right hand to have a child like Shannon or Baby P, I wonder why these Satans get the privilege. 

More details of these horrific stories can be found in these links


Baby P


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