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Corruption killed the Mumbai Heroes

Posted by Saipradeep on December 3, 2008

Corruption according to Merriam Webster Dictionary is termed as an “impairment of integrity, virtue or moral principle; depravity, decay, and/or an inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means, a departure from the original or from what is pure or correct, and/or an agency or influence that corrupts.”

Wikipedia quotes that Corruption, when applied as a technical term, is a general concept describing any organized, interdependent system in which part of the system is either not performing duties it was originally intended to, or performing them in an improper way, to the detriment of the system’s original purpose. Its terminological usage possesses connotations of evil, malignance, sickness, and loss of innocence or purity.

Evil, Malign, Sickness and Loss of innocence or purity… what an apt way to put what Corruption stands for.

This Evil is now seen as a co-perpetrator in the deaths of our Mumbai Heroes of the 26/11 terror attacks. I was shocked when I saw an article in one of the leading news web sites that read “Faulty Jackets killed the Mumbai Brave hearts”. It is said that, on investigation, it was found that Mumbai police were provided with Bullet proof vests that actually failed tests.

The news site reads that an anti corruption enquiry found that two batches of these vests between 2001 and 2004 were sub-standard. Though the then government returned the report promising new vests, the second lot that was tested in 2004 were also found inadequate. It is said that all the jackets failed tests at the Gurgaun State Reserve Police Firing Range however were still distributed to the policemen.

Here we are, mourning and whining on the loss of efficient officers in the line of duty. Here we have politicians and officers singing eulogies for the fallen heroes. A catastrophe which could have primarily have been avoided if and only if they had been given proper bullet proof vests to wear. They wore vests that cannot even stand shots from ordinary pistols and went to face terrorists with high tech assault rifles. Does any one have to second guess what the resultant would be?

Karl Kraus in his famous quote says “Corruption is worst than Prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual; the former invariably endangers the moral of the entire country.” Corruption not only endangers the moral of the country, it erodes the country itself. It destroys life, It Kills!!!


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  1. that’s what i say

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