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Say “No” to Political Gimmicks

Posted by Saipradeep on December 2, 2008

Politics and gimmicks have become almost synonymous with the present day politicians. So great is their art at this, that many a times, one can see trained magicians go bonkers in front of them. They are so perfect in their game that we, the public see but do not recognize or register any of their antics. They are bitter enemies trying to fling all possible accusation against each other on one day and the next day, they become best of pals praising each other for the sacrifices they have made for their country or state. We, the public never recognize these antics and tend to have a short term memory loss. We never seem to remember what these politicians hurled against each other and are just mesmerized by their acts. Without any second thoughts, they can make the terror hit Taj into a tourism spot for their family and friends. They can call the events of the magnitude of 26/11 as small occurrences in a big city and still be called leaders of the state. They can insult people who are asking politicians to be accountable and still get away without criticism. They can sit in front of the media and say that they are taking moral responsibility of the terror event and resigning because of that, when the whole world knows that they have been given the boot by their own political party.  We, the public though never seem to be bothered by any of these shameless acts. We hear about it, ponder about it and at times even have the guts to speak about it, but never act on it and do something about it.

However, all of this has changed. Couple of days ago, a man who had just lost his son to the bullets of terrorist, showed us how such gimmicks should be dealt with. Mr. Unnikrishnan, father of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, set an example to us fellow Indians on how to tackle such political antics. He just said “No” for the politicians from Kerala to enter his house. Oh yes!!! He did say No and he did slam the door on their faces. These were the politicians who came to his house in the pretence of paying respect to the slain Martyr after immense pressure from media and their opposition parties. These politicians from the ruling party are from Kerala, a state that even had a certain parts of it conducting strikes when Saddam Hussein was executed. A state which had political leaders who did not bother to even send condolence message to the bereaved family that hailed from their state.

Mr. Unnikrishnan held them from entering his house almost literally, not because they came late with their commiseration, but because it was not spontaneous from heart. He just did not want anyone to eulogize his son just because they were under pressure from media and others. He just did not want them to drag his son into their political drama. He just did not want them to drag him into their political gimmicks.

We, the public hail you Mr. Unnikrishnan, for giving us heroes like Major Sandeep. We hail you for your courage to stand not against politics or politicians but against their drama and antics. We hail you for setting us an example of how to see these politicians for what they actually are.

One of those politicians was heard saying that even dogs would not turn their heads to that house if not for Major Sandeep. Mr. Politician, dogs may not turn their heads to this brave family’s house, but definitely humans with the smallest pinch of gratitude for the sacrifice this family has made, would stand in front of their gates to salute them.

Mr. Unnikrishnan… not only are we proud of Major Sandeep, we are proud of you too!!!


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